About High Standards:

Emerging from the muck and mire of the mean streets of Oakland, California, Ryan Schaeffer, Isaac Shwartz and Ian McArdle banded together, combining their musical wizardry and devilish good looks, to form High Standards.

Their unique sound a nonstop jazz-driven, funk-fueled party, tinged with R&B, and mixed with notes of Hip-Hop, Blues and Pop is a clear reflection of their diverse influences, which include but are not limited to taco trucks, Soul Live, and baseball, as well as the rich culture of the area in which they were raised. In addition to playing original material, High Standards draw from a constellation of different songs and genres, seamlessly blending the new with the old, the classics with the club bangers. They play, for example, the rich, timeless sounds of an old jazz standard, only to be followed by something fun with the Jell-O-booty-jiggling vibes of a modern hit from someone like Nelly or Outkast. This wild, unorthodox, and ostensibly reckless combination of genres is what makes High Standards so fresh, devastating, like a flamingo savagely consumed by lava from an exploding volcano.

Their live shows demonstrate their airtight chemistry, their masterful ability to improvise, and an unparalleled stage presence that is rare and explosive. If High Standards were a contestant on Flavor of Love, they would undoubtedly be Buckwild. Along with a regular gig at Club 21, they have graced the stages of countless local venues, most notably The Sound Room, Duende, Shashamane, Birdland. The energy that emanates from the sweet sound of High Standards is contagious, undeniable, whether it is from their recordings or live performances they keep it it.

Their music is high quality, high standard, smooth, high thread count, silky, between the sheets of their music to the sheets on their beds, a little bit nasty, but always classy.